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fitness bootcamp

Objective and Details:

To increase anaerobic and aerobic endurance, power, strength, agility, speed and stamina. Activities include sprinting, jogging, plyometrics, stair and hill running, monkey bars, pullups, pushups, lunges, squats and other calisthenic drills, by executing the exercise safe and with good form. Its different everyday and be put in a challenge workout.

VARIETY is the name of the game; you will be challenged daily.  I strongly believe in addressing all component of fitness including strength, cardio-vascular endurance, power, stamina, and flexibility.  Our commitment to total fitness manifests itself in the variance of our workout modes.
“During a boot camp workout, you can burn up to 600 calories per hour, which is obviously going to help with weight loss. But in addition to a great cardiovascular workout, you are also getting the muscular fitness benefit from exercises such as push-ups, squats and lunges that you wouldn’t get from a typical aerobic exercise.” - American Council on Exercise's Chief Science Officer Cedric X. Bryant



Resistance Bands


Medicine Balls



Weight Loss

Increased Power

Aerobic Conditioning

Anaerobic Improvement

Speed Development



Meet New People

Shiny white teeth, fresh breath, and a healthy smile.*

*These statements have not been proven by the American Dental Association. Ask your orthodontist if Bootcamp is right for you. Bootcamp should not be used to treat any medical illness or in lieu of your regular doctors visits. Side affects have been known to occur and may incude sweating, thirst, and weight loss.

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